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Our Service-Ecommerce Website

              The most astounding invention of the century-the Internet has facilitated the process of business. In the B2C world e-commerce has proved revolutionary, online stock trading, online auction for computers, jewellery selling, boutique items-all are made available through e transacting. Webbeez is here to help you set up e-commerce websites that ensure profits in your online business. Over the last few decades, the modes of transactions in the business world have undergone considerable sophistication in view of providing easier access to today's customers. Modern lifestyles allow little time for extensive shopping; faster means of purchasing is bliss to the folks whose "time" is their "money". Online shopping is thus the trend amongst the modern consumers. E commerce is nothing short of the order of the day with an ever-expanding access to customer base. With the websites designed for e-commerce development from Webbeez you can manage customers across the globe.

To ensure smoothness and minimized hassle in the process there is the availability of:

  • Online payment gateway
  • Online integration with shipping companies like UPS etc
  • Inventory management
  • Online support<
  • Global reach

              Thus setting up an e commerce website with the help of Webbeez becomes a convenient and cost effective way for the buying and selling of products and services. Individual businesses have flourished much as a result of this. Online payment is the most commonly and frequently used mechanism for payment, next only to full credit card processing gateways.
The websites designed by us, at Webbeez, also offers an added advantage. You can maintain your website once it has been designed without any hassles. The administrative features of the websites give you the scope to do changes according to your necessities.

Certain services and systems are integral to the e-commerce business:

1. Seamless integration of PayPal with online business website is provided by various e commerce developers.
2. Os Commerce: An open source solution that is available for free under the GNU General public license .Its function is to enable owners to run their set ups effortlessly without cost issues, limitations and license fees.
3. This apart, an essential aspect of e-commerce development is Content Management services (CMS); these services provide features such as user administration, workflow configuration and template management. CMS is aimed at automating and systemizing content publishing to ensure that all content is checked before updating it on the site. Content management services enable reduction in maintenance costs, creation, capture, customization, management and sharing of important information.
               Site content management systems often handle media files, documents, online content, customized data, online text editor, multilingual possibilities, role based permissions, PDF generation, indexing and other features. With a wide spectrum of technologies such as Java, Programming languages, Client/server technologies etc, e-commerce developers strive to develop supply management system and store integration, integration with business solutions including the following management systems:
Store supply , Client Relation , Goods delivery , Finance registration , Integration with a custom system , System integration with hardware such as mobiles,palms,cash registers, automatic cash terminal.
               In the current scenario, both Business to Business and Business to Consumers e-shops have given rise to e-commerce developers who have to be skilled and possess enough expertise in auctions, yahoo stores, shopping carts, amazon market places, commerce portals and e bay integration. The use of websites designed by Webbeez is sure to give you all such benefits. With so much development and facilitation of online trading, e commerce is as its peak and certainly here to stay. You can take advantage of this trend when you trust Webbeez for designing your e-commerce development website. With the help of these websites, you can sell your products to a larger customer base across the globe. Thus you are guaranteed an increase in profits.

Our eCommerce Development Process

Our comprehensive eCommerce development strategy ensures a perfectly crafted website for your business.


Consultation is about more than just a short meeting for the sake of it. It’s about reaching out, making a connection between our agency and your company, and choosing a path together. During the consultation session, we will outline the process for your ecommerce site and get your input as to how it affects to you. We’ll explain what goes into the site, what you can expect from the final product. We’ll put down a tentative deadline, and compare it to your expectations. The name of the game, here, is transparency, and we look forward to being transparent with you.

design process


Wireframing refers to a version of your website that simply functions before it’s refined and looks better. It’s the underlying structure of your site, and it’s important in that it shows off your functionality. Once you know the site works and there are no problems with the navigation, you can begin finalizing the way it looks and all the other bells and whistles that come with it. A good site works first and looks great a close second.

design process

Final Site

Once we’ve consulted on, edited, and refined your site into a high-functioning digital masterpiece, it’s time to put the finishing touches on. Our team of expert designers and site engineers are standing by to take your concept and translate it into a gorgeous, sleek digital product. Using your corporate color scheme, logos, animations, and letterheads, as well as our own design background, this is where your website goes from being great to being something truly special.

design process