Our Service-Website Design

One Design for All Platforms

                Your website is your face to the world. We understand that. The importance of a website today cannot be undermined by any organization. It is the most direct and visible way that an enterprise connects with its customers. Hence, when a website needs to be designed, considerations are multiple. Our core team, therefore, employs all latest available Web based technologies to provide you the perfect website.


                Our belief is that form should be married to function and hence we always aim to provide you with a web site which is aesthetic along with being functional and professional. Simplicity is our middle name and thus we offer you website solutions that the end user finds easy, fast, rich and attractive. A complicated website is a major turnoff for the time-starved user today. We understand that and focus on the magic combination of simplicity and functionality.

User- friendliness

                The biggest component of a website design exercise is, of course, the user. We aim to achieve pervasive usability for every web site that we design. So, when you entrust us to design your website, we ensure that the user is the centre of the entire thinking process. If the user feels at home, then your website is a success and we ensure that once a user logs in, he'll have little reason to log out.


                However well it may work, a dull website can never be a success. Hence, we have a dedicated website design team who ensures that the websites we design do a great job of standing out from the crowd. At every stage of our design process, we ensure consistency in visual design so that the entire website is a rich aesthetic experience for the user. You will never find us using existing templates or repeating our designs. Your website will be absolutely unique.


                It is great to have a perfect website, but without proper visibility it will make very little difference. Hence, at the website design stage, we evaluate the needs of your website and try and give it as much visibility as it needs. Search Engine Optimization for a website is very important and our website design team ensures that we provide all possible features that make your website visible, on search engines as well as elsewhere on the net. Be it through partner sites, affiliates, advertisements or targeted content, your site is bound to be visible to its relevant user base and we can guarantee that you will receive the maximum possible hits on your site so that it becomes an important revenue and clientele generating entity.

Where you come in

                 Our website design process implements and considers your inputs at every stage. We make you an integral part of our design process so that mutual communication is totally transparent and you get a site tailored to suit your every need. We firmly believe a website is more than a couple of useful pages. It is your face to the world. Hence we try to ensure you put your best foot forward when the world is looking.

Our Website Design Process

Our comprehensive website design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted website for your business.


The first step in any creative project is a consultation. At Web Daytona, we take hold of the project early on by consulting with you and finding out exactly what your expectations are. It’s hard to understate the importance of this. Many website owners surprise themselves at day one by finding they actually don’t know what it is they want. We use our industry know-how to create something that reflects who you are, online.

design process


Wireframing refers to a version of your website that simply functions before it’s refined and looks better. It’s the underlying structure of your site, and it’s important in that it shows off your functionality. Once you know the site works and there are no problems with the navigation, you can begin finalizing the way it looks and all the other bells and whistles that come with it. A good site works first and looks great a close second.

design process

Final Design

Once we’ve consulted on, edited, and refined your site into a high-functioning digital masterpiece, it’s time to put the finishing touches on. Our team of expert designers and site engineers are standing by to take your concept and translate it into a gorgeous, sleek digital product. Using your corporate color scheme, logos, animations, and letterheads, as well as our own design background, this is where your website goes from being great to being something truly special.

design process